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Audio Help & FAQ

Of all the ways to listen to KPR both online and with your FM radio, not every method is going to work for everybody every time. However we do our best to ensure that our listeners have the best listening experience possible. 

Bellow are some helpful tips and information regarding any trouble you may be experiencing with playing our broadcasts and on-demand audio.

The KPR Website's Audio Player

  • Q: Do I need any browser extensions or plugins to listen to audio on your website?
  • A: No. Our audio player for web browsers does NOT need Adobe Flash and is 100% powered by HTML5 and Javascript. This means you don't need to worry about any browser plugins or extensions. 
  • Q: Why does the audio start over from the beginning?
  • A: If your internet connection is slow, you're using a mobile device with a cellular data connection, or you're located very far from Lawrence, Kansas, you may experience problems such as On Demand audio starting over from the beginning after a few minutes. We're working on improving this, but until then you may need to find a faster network connection.
  • Q: I'm still having problems, what should I do? 
  • A: try the following:
    • If you have another browser installed on your device, like Mozilla Firefox, try using that.
    • Clearing your browser's cached data can sometimes be helpful. Here's how.
    • Anti-virus software can cause problems too, especially Sophos. You'll need to add kansaspublicradio.org to the list of allowed websites in the anti-virus software's configuration.
    • There are many other ways to listen to KPR, including the KPR App for iOS and Android. If none of the above solutions worked, try another method of listening.



  • Q: Is my internet connection sufficient?
  • A: If you are streaming using a wired connection and have a slow modem (14.4 or older), you may very well have trouble connecting to the streams. If you have a faster connection (DSL, cable modem, dual ISDN, full T-1, LAN, etc.), then the stream quality will depend on how busy the network is. If you are connecting using public or private WiFi, the stream quality will also depend on how busy the network is. The quality of internet connectivity at any given location can vary from moment to moment. If you are streaming KPR using cellular service on a mobile device, have you entered a "dead zone" or a "slow zone" in terms of the download speed your carrier is able to provide at this particular geographic location? Testing using other streaming applications may help uncover the source of the issue.
  • Q: I think I'm behind a firewall or using Internet security software. How could that affect my connection?
  • A: A firewall is used to block unwanted traffic from your network and/or computer. If you are on a university or corporate network, check with your Network Administrator or ISP to make sure that they have your firewall configured to allow streaming media content to be viewed. Tell them that you need ports 8000 and 8001 open for hostname streaming.kansaspublicradio.org
  • Q: Why does it take a while for the stream to start playing?
  • A: There's a delay for two reasons:
    1. Your listening device (laptop, iPhone, smart speaker, etc) needs to load a certain amount of audio into its memory buffer before it can begin playing. If it doesn't have enough network bandwidth, then the buffer can't keep up with the stream and eventually it will have to stop playing to refill the buffer. 
    2. There is a latency - the time interval between your request and the response - for all internet devices. However, the further you are from Lawrence, KS, the longer the latency will be. We do not have the resources to send our streams to a Content Delivery Network which would greatly reduce this problem, but if you would like to help us afford this amenity then please consider becoming a member of KPR and requesting this feature. Thank you! 


Smart Speakers

  • Q: How can I listen to KPR on Alexa?
  • A: Tell Alexa to "Play K.P.R." to launch our custom skill for Alexa. This will allow you to listen to On Demand content such as Retro Coctail Hour, Film Music Fridays, podcasts and more, as well as listen to the live stream. If you say "play Kansas Public Radio" then our stream will play via the TuneIn skill, and you will not have the option to listen to on-demand content.
  • Q: Can my Google Home smart speaker play KPR and KPR2?
  • A: For Google's smart speaker products such as Google Home and Nest, the digital assistant needs to "learn" how to play our streams, and we cannot provide that logic ourselves. 



  • Q: If I'm using a mobile device, what is the best way to listen to KPR?
  • A: Use our mobile app, which has a more consistent and positive experience across all devices. Tap here to get it from the app store
  • Q: why does on-demand audio start over from the beginning?
  • A: iOS devices sometimes have a problem with playing on-demand audio when playing through a browser app. That has largely been corrected with an update our web and streaming services, however older stories may still have trouble playing. Our mobile app does not have this problem, so use the app! 



  • Q: What are podcasts?
  • A: A podcast is like a radio show, except it's available online and listeners can subscribe to it so that when a new episode is available, they can download and listen to it on-demand and with their favorite podcast-listening app. 
  • Q: What podcast-listening app should I use?
  • A: For Apple devices, we recommend the Apple Podcasts app because it comes pre-installed and works pretty well. For devices running Android, you'll have to download an app. Spotify and TuneIn are both good options. For desktop and laptop computers, iTunes is the de-facto application for podcasts. However you could also use a web-based service such as Stitcher, Pod Paradise, and TuneIn.com. 
  • Q: What KPR podcasts can I subscribe to?
  • A: As a public radio station, we upload several of our shows for online listening, which makes it easy for us to make them into podcasts as well. However not all of them are contemporary "podcasts" by some folks' definition because they don't have hosts and "episodes" (we have those types of podcasts too!). We just want to provide as many ways to get our content to our listeners as possible. So enjoy, and please subscribe! Click here to view our list of podcasts. 
  • Q: I can't find a KPR podcast by browsing the catalog in iTunes and elsewhere, how can I subscribe? 
  • A: Get the RSS link (.xml file extension) from the show's podcast page on this website and enter it into the app or website. For iTunes, there's an iTunes-specific link on the podcast page - just click it and then click the "yes" button in the resulting pop-up dialog box to open it in iTunes.