ACLU Wants to Strike Testimony from Kansas Voter Registration Lawsuit

A member of President Trump’s election commission is an expert witness in a lawsuit over Kansas voter registration rules. The ACLU says he’s not credible and has moved to exclude his testimony.
Hans von Spakovsky works for the conservative Heritage Foundation, focusing on issues like elections and civil rights. Secretary of State Kris Kobach submitted his testimony.
Dale Ho, with the ACLU, says an expert in court should be someone with a more objective point of view. 
“It’s another thing for someone who’s really just an advocate for voting restrictions to come in and pretend to be some sort of scientist when in fact that person is not. That’s exactly what Mr. von Spakovsky is,” says Ho.
Kobach still has time to respond to the ACLU’s motion in the lawsuit and his office declined to comment.

In his testimony, von Spakovsky says he’s qualified because he’s an attorney specializing in elections, he worked in the federal government overseeing election policy and he’s worked on studies focused on voting issues.