Stephen Koranda

Voters' Rights Group Wants Kobach's Calendars, Work Records

Kansans CountMembers of Kansans Count deliver open records requests. (Photo by Stephen Koranda)Some voters’ rights advocates are asking Secretary of State Kris Kobach to turn over documents showing how much time he spends on official duties. Kobach is well known for his work writing laws aimed at fighting illegal immigration. The group Kansans Count delivered open records requests to Kobach’s office yesterday (WED). Angela Ferguson is an immigration lawyer from Kansas City. She believes Kobach is spending too much time on immigration work, which isn’t part of his official duties as secretary of state.


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Kobach says his work on immigration policy is done during the nights and weekends. He says he’s been an active secretary of state, and he points to voter ID legislation he pushed that has now become law in Kansas.


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Kobach has also said he’s already turned over months of his schedules because of an open records request from the Lawrence Journal-World.

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