Tom Averill, aka William Jennings Bryan Oleander

On Weeds and Immigration

OLEANDER PLANT2The Oleander plant (some call it a weed) can be used in landscaping but it is highly toxic.

Kansas was built mostly by those who came here from somewhere else.  Many were foreigners.  Angus cattle and "Turkey Red Winter Wheat" --  pillars of the Kansas economy -- were both brought here... not just by early settlers... but by immigrants.  As a new wave of immigrants comes to Kansas... Commentator William Jennings Bryan Oleander reminds us that foreigners have always played an important role in the state.

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TOM AVERILLTom Averill, also known as William Jennings Bryan Oleander, is Writer-in-Residence at Washburn University, where he teaches English and... what else? Writing, of course.The comments of William Jennings Bryan Oleander, otherwise known as Tom Averill, Writer-in-Residence at Washburn University.  Tom, the author of several books, has been producing commentaries for Kansas Public Radio for more than 20 years.




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