Tom Averill, aka William Jennings Bryan Oleander

Hello, My Name is Kansas and I Have a Water Problem

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(Photo Courtesy of John Charlton, Kansas Geological Survey)
Many parts of western Kansas have been struggling with drought for years. To compensate for the bone-dry conditions, farmers have been irrigating their crops -- pumping massive amounts of water from an underground reservoir. But this practice has strained the underground water supply in many areas. Commentator William Jennings Bryan Oleander says it's time for the state to kick its habit of consuming so much water.

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TOM AVERILLThe comments of William Jennings Bryan Oleander, otherwise known as Tom Averill, Writer-in-Residence at Washburn University.  Tom, an English and creative writing teacher, has also authored several books.  His commentaries have been aired on Kansas Public Radio for the past 20 years.  

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