Tom Averill, aka William Jennings Bryan Oleander

Kansas Roads... in a Roundabout Way

Kansas-Backroad Pete-Zarria_Flickr

As populations grow in urban areas, the nation's aging system of highways is straining to accommodate increased traffic. And... despite its reputation as a rural state... Kansas has been feeling the effects of all this. That's led to changes in roads and highways, which are designed to help improve traffic flow. Commentator William 
Jennings Bryan Oleander says some older Kansans have been... shall we say... resistant to those changes?

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Washburn University English Professor Tom Averill, also known as William Jennings Bryan Oleander, KPR commentator and resident of Here, Kan.

The comments of William Jennings Bryan Oleander, otherwise known as Tom Averill, Writer-in-Residence at Washburn University. You'll find more of Tom's commentaries on our website at KPR.KU.EDU.

FUN FACTOID: Oleander is also the name of a poisonous plant found on the plains of Kansas.

Top Photo: Out on the backgroads of very rural Kansas. (Flickr Photo by Pete Zarria)

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