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Part 2: Local Projects Unearth Underground Railroad History


One-hundred-and-fifty-years ago, knowing too much about it could land you in jail...or worse. But these days, the Underground Railroad is making appearances all over eastern Kansas. In part two of her two-part series, KPR news intern Justine Greve talked to some of the people researching this hidden history about their efforts to bring it to light.

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This Sunday, the Ritchie House in Topeka will host a free screening of Gary Jenkins' documentary "Freedom Seekers." Show times are 1:30 and 4 p.m. The Ritchie House is located at 1118 SE Madison.

Pictured: (Top) Former Joel and Emily Grover Barn, Stonebarn Terrace, Lawrence, Kan., as seen from north side. (Photo by Judy Sweets)


Part 1 - Originally Aired 3/29/12

Tracing the Tracks of the Underground Railroad Through Kansas

Ritchie-House-3 copyRitchie House (Photo Courtesy of Gary Jenkins)

Quindaro-SignQuindaro-Cabin-RuinsThe years leading up to the Civil War were full of raids and massacres, as well as tales of compassion and the fight for freedom. All of these elements came together on the Underground Railroad. In part one of a two-part series, KPR news intern Justine Greve went to learn more about the role Kansas played in this secret network north to Canada.

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KPR news intern Justine Greve has a degree in history from Baker University and is currently a grad student in American Studies at the University of Kansas. Join us at this time tomorrow for the second part of this two-part series.


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